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Other Services

  • Citizenship Applications

  • Post Graduate Work Permit

  • Extension of Status

  • Application Reviews

  • Refusal Management

Canadian Citizenship

Are you a Permanent Resident who has resided in Canada for three out of the last five years, filed income taxes within the required period, met language and all other requirements, you may be eligible for Canadian citizenship. We are available to assist  and guide you through the whole process.

Post Graduate Work Permit

Students who have graduated from eligible post secondary institutions in Canada are eligible for post graduate work permit. This allows you to gain Canadian work experience and ultimately help you become Canadian Permanent Residents.

If you meet this requirement, we at Layo immigration will be happy to assist you with your application.

Extension of Status and Application Reviews

We also provide services for Temporary Residents needing to extend their stay in Canada as well as application and documents review for people who are willing to prepare their applications themselves (DIY) but need professional  advise and guidance.

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