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Permanent Residence 

  • Economic Classes - Express Entry 

  • Family  Sponsorship

  • Provincial Nomination

  • Live-in-Caregivers

  • Investor Program

Economic Classes - Express Entry

Federal Skilled Worker : This category is for skilled workers with a minimum of one year work experience in the last ten years in National Occupation Classification (NOC) O, A or B with educational qualification and language proficiency in English and/or French.

Skilled Trades: This category is for people who want to become permanent residents and are qualified in a skilled trade.

Canadian Experience Class: This category is for people who have gained at least one year work experience in Canada or Post Graduate work experience in the case of international students in NOC O, A or B with language proficiency in English and/or French.

Family Sponsorship

For Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents who want to sponsor their parents, grandparents, spouse, common law or conjugal partners, children, grand children, adopted children and other qualifying family members/relatives to become Canadian permanent residents.

Provincial Nomination

Each province and territory has immigration streams targeting certain individuals based on their  age, level of education, skills and relevant work experience in occupations in NOC O, A or B and are willing to reside in such province or territory. Provincial Nomination boosts your Express Entry CRS points and is also a faster way to becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident.

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